Early Signs And Treatment Of HIV

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Early Signs And Treatment Of HIV

The early signs are supposed to be the indicator that exactly when the help of a medical practitioner is supposed to be taken. The early signs in some of the cases are so simple that people ignore that they might be having suffering from the problems of HIV AIDS. This is the main reason that why there are lakhs of people in this world who are living with the infection of HIV AIDS that is the HIV virus is active in their bodies. Fever is the very basic symptom of any problem and this is also caused by the HIV virus after a week or two of time you get the virus in your body. This is why the diagnostic tests can play the major role in it.

HIV infection commonly diagnosed with the blood test. There are also three main types of the testswhich arealso very commonly used: HIV antibody test, RNA testand the combination test that can detect both the antibodies and the piece of a virus which is called p24 protein. Additionallythe blood test which is known aswestern blot can also be used in order to confirm diagnosis.

No test supposed to be perfect because it may sometime also be falsely negative or falsely positive. This is why the testing for the HIV usually known to be the twostep process. If it comes out to be positive then it is positive andthe second test is done in order to confirm this result. The antibody tests areknown as the common initial test used for HIV. There are other different types of the antibody tests also available

Treatment of HIV

Over to the last few years several drugs has become commonly available to cure for both the infection of HIV and the associated infection such ascancer. These are the drugs which are also called a highly active and antiretroviral therapy (HAART) that have the substantially reduced complications of HIV and of deaths. Still the medications do not supposed to cure the HIV/AIDS. In a case the patient was being treated for the cancer and apparently he got cured of the HIV through the use of the stem cell transplant. However this is not usually recommended to cure the HIV AIDS due torisk of the mortality and the uncertain chances of the success.