We are a proud new member of the Direct Selling Association!



All of us at Jamie Oliver At Home are proud to announce that we are an official member of the Direct Selling Association. From their website:

The Direct Selling Association (DSA) is the national trade association of the leading firms that manufacture and distribute goods and services sold directly to consumers. Approximately 200 companies are members of the association, including many well-known brand names.

The Association’s mission is “To protect, serve and promote the effectiveness of member companies and the independent business people they represent. To ensure that the marketing by member companies of products and/or the direct sales opportunity is conducted with the highest level of business ethics and service to consumers.”

The cornerstone of the Association’s commitment to ethical business practices and consumer service is its Code of Ethics. Every member company pledges to abide by the Code’s standards and procedures as a condition of admission and continuing membership in the Association.

We thank the DSA for their guidance, and look forward to continued participation in this excellent community.

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Jamie in NYC to promote Comfort Foods cookbook

Jamie Oliver was in New York on Monday, September 29th to promote his new cookbook, “Comfort Food” and also his Food Tube channel.  If you didn’t catch it, here is the recap and all the links to the recorded sessions.  What is YOUR favorite #ComfortFood?
today show tim
Jamie’s first stop began before dawn at Rockefeller Center Plaza, stopping at the Today Show to make a progressive dinner, including Brussel Sprout Quesadillas, Big British Meatballs and a Pear Tart Tatin for dessert!
He went on to visit The Chew (episode airtime TBD) with Mario Batali.  He then spoke on a panel at an Advertising Week event about his Food Tube channel and shared his experience in the digital media world before giving an interview to The Drum. He wrapped up the day sharing more desserts with Stephen Colbert on The Colbert Report.  What a day!
You can find Jamie’s new cookbook, Comfort Food om Amazon.com. And, we are sharing recipes from the book with you every #TastyTuesday, on all of our social media channels.  What is YOUR favorite #ComfortFood?
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Better Food Community: Veggiecation


Veggiecation has been successfully teaching children how to cook healthy foods and make smart eating choices since 2009.  Lisa Suriano founded the program after years of working in the school food industry and realizing that children often avoid the most important part of their plate  – vegetables – during the lunch period.

Her mission was simple: to promote and educate communities on the health benefits of vegetables. As she began to develop the idea to fulfill this goal, she soon realized that hands-on experiences with fresh produce were not only the most effective way to get kids to try new foods but also provided them with skills to live a healthy lifestyle.  Thus she began to perfect her method of teaching healthy kids cooking classes.  Equipped with enchanting characters, effective marketing materials and simple, delicious recipes, soon Lisa had children all over the NY metro area cooking and loving their veggies!

In August of 2013, Lisa modified her business concept and enabled the program to be put in the hands of passionate individuals all over the country. Using the existing veggie marketing materials she had created over the years, such as her Informational Veggie Posters and “I tried it!” Stickers, Lisa developed a live online training workshop that certifies and teaches people the formula for her signature Healthy Kids Cooking Classes.

Sample Class Video

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkJgGcuuw0I

Certified instructors, or Veggiecator Educators, also provided with the education and resources needed to operate as independent contractors conducting their own thriving Veggiecation business. Veggiecator Educators receive all of the necessary cooking equipment and educational materials. The majority of recipes are designed to be “classroom style,” therefore they are able to be taught in spaces without a formal kitchen. In fact, the most they’ll ever need is an outlet for their blender!

Veggiecator Educators share Veggiecation’s passion for cooking, healthy eating, and overall wellness. The philosophy behind cooking with kids is that if you empower children with the knowledge and skills of cooking, they’ll be more likely to try the new foods presented to them.

Over the years, the mission of Veggiecation has evolved to include the cooking aspect of the program:

The mission of Veggiecation is to promote and educate communities on the health benefits of vegetables and how to prepare them in simple, unique, affordable, and most importantly, delicious ways.

Mission Video

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDww0D9vUHU

The idea is to get people back into the kitchen and away from all the processed junk they consume – to illustrate just how easy (and fun) cooking can be. Similar to Jamie Oliver at Home, it’s all about a passion for good food.

This is exactly why Veggiecation and JOAH have teamed up! Those who are promoting quality goods in the name of Jamie Oliver, already share the belief that good food is critical to promoting overall health. Veggiecator Educators know that good food can’t be made without affordable quality products. The goal of the partnership is to support each other’s networks by offering an exclusive discount to promote the work that each organization is doing.  Certified Veggiecator Educators will offer a special discounted rate for JOAH Consultants and fans that would like to have a live cooking demo in their area! The demo will include basic nutrition information, tips on cooking with kids, and a sample of the recipe being prepared! This is a perfect addition for any real food lover, especially those with children!

Connect with your local Veggiecator here.  Visit www.veggiecation.com to locate a Veggiecator Educator near you! Or contact the Veggiecation Team at info@veggiecation.com.




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How We Support the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation

JOFFUSA-logo“Look at yourself.  Look at your family.  What can you do to inspire education and inspire change?”  Jamie put this challenge out to all of America, in this 2-minute video created by the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (JOFF), titled “Jamie Oliver’s Journey so Far in America”.

The “change” he refers to is what drives us forward every day at Jamie Oliver At Home.  A change in the way we shop, cook and feed our families.  A change in how we learn about food, where it comes from and how it affects our bodies. A change away from diet-related disease and towards good health.

Every new Consultant that joins us, every home party that happens, every conversation that takes place – this is our mission, to spread the message of Better Food for a Better Life.  Conversations about where to buy real food, how to cook it, and having fun sharing it are happening in homes all across America with our growing team of Consultants.  But we are not all talk!

Fundraising for JOFF

Founding Consultant Amelia Brown presents Jamie with a donation to JOFF in January 2014.

Founding Consultant Amelia Brown presents Jamie with a donation to JOFF in January 2014.

Our US-based direct selling company, Jamie Oliver At Home, supports the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation, USA by raising funds through our Round Up program at home parties and online.  When placing an order, customers simply round up their bill to the nearest dollar and those funds are collected and sent to Jamie’s 501 c3 non-profit organization, to be used for programs right here in the USA.  Upon receiving our first donation check, Jamie shared with us that for each $1.00 donated, a child receives a cooking class!

All of Jamie’s businesses across the globe contribute to the Foundation in some way (either here, in the UK or in Australia).  We are proud to collect funds that support US-based programs like Learn Your Fruits and Veggies (through the Boys & Girls Club of America), Food Revolution Day, the Big Rig Mobile Cooking Kitchen, as well as supporting much-needed food policy changes.  JOFF works to bring food education to schools and youth groups, businesses and communities – by raising awareness to galvanize policy changes at a local and national level, offering hands-on training to instill food skills and knowledge, and founding relationships to enable it to scale nationally.

JOFF was started in 2010, with funding from the TED Prize.  If you haven’t watched Jamie’s TED Talk, it is an eye-opening 17 minute video that speaks volumes about the scope of the problem with our food culture in America, our obesity epidemic, and the depth of Jamie’s passion for creating change.  We are proud to support this very important mission in our work at Jamie Oliver At Home, and invite you to join us, as a Consultant, or as a party host or guest to help spread the mission to your community!

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Providence Business News features Jamie Oliver At Home

“Direct sales evolving to ‘hi-touch, hi-tech’ approach” pbn logo
Providence Business News,  June, 2014

Interview by Patrick Anderson, PBN Staff Writer

Direct selling may never totally shed the image of Tupperware and restless housewives that make it seem stuck in the 1960s. But the loosely affiliated networks of independent salespeople pitching to friends and acquaintances make up a formidable industry. Timothy J. Brown, president of Jamie Oliver at Home North America, is a longtime champion of direct selling and believes its heyday is now. After leaving Taunton direct-sales firm Princess House in 2006, Brown was looking for his next project when he fell under the spell of British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, whose commercial empire has only begun to reach across the Atlantic.

A year ago in May, Brown launched his company to sell Oliver’s line of cookware in America through direct sales. 

PBN: Does direct selling have a reputation problem?

BROWN: There is a mixed impression and I have dealt with that for 20 years and been an ambassador for a great industry. Now there are 16 million Americans who earn some or all their income through direct selling. Why I love it is anyone can have their own business. The reputation depends on how much people know our industry. Any venture is a lot of work. It doesn’t matter if it’s easy to enter or hard to enter. So people have to know that and have a passion for what they do. But those that do can come in and if they have purpose and passion and a great product, they can fall in love with it. You need a great product but there is also a greater meaning behind it, either entrepreneurship, or in our case, we are focused on helping people learn and educate each other about food and how it affects our bodies.

PBN: Is this industry growing right now?

BROWN: Yes. Last year it grew 4 percent or 5 percent. During … the great correction there were some stagnant years, however never any big falling back. I think partly that’s because people develop personally while doing it in a way I have never seen in any other business model.

PBN: And the model, for those who don’t know, is you provide the platform and distribution for people to sell products, which they get a commission for. Where do you get the products?

BROWN: In our company we have the JME collection line, which is Jamie’s personal product line for the kitchen which he developed. We have exclusive rights to the brand, the JME product line, the Jamie Oliver at Home name in the U.S. along with the distribution method of direct selling. That is our exclusive partnership with Jamie Oliver. People not only sell our products but they develop in an amazing way. They are not required to purchase inventory and sell it. We have a warehouse here in Pawtucket where we brought the product in from the U.K. and we ship directly to the customers. … We set up their website. We set up all the tools they need online … and report to them how it is going.

PBN: Have these businesses and the techniques they use to sell evolved from Tupperware parties back in the day?

BROWN: We are the 2014 version of the 1950s Tupperware party. Tupperware, along with Princess House and Mary Kay were true pioneers in the direct-selling world, of selling to consumers in a party atmosphere. What we can do in today’s modern world is we come in and lead with the message about how we have to educate one another about food, where it comes from and how it affects our bodies. There are a lot of people who don’t understand that the food system has become poisoned with a lot of things from sugar to pesticide and it is affecting our health. … We bring Jamie to each party in a DVD where he brings messages along with recipes and some tips about how they can make food better in an easy and simple manner. … We call ourselves hi-touch and hi-tech. Hi-touch because it is very personal, but high-tech because everything is done online.

PBN: Is the business growing regionally or are you recruiting nationally?

BROWN: We are in 24 states, so it is national. We have the biggest presence in New England and California. California is coming on strong because direct selling does very well there.

PBN: How do you find sellers?

BROWN: It is really a one-on-one business with people talking to other people. Whenever Jamie mentions something about us, we get some interest there. Jamie’s social media presence is huge. … But really it happens at the individual parties.

PBN: Who do you see as your primary competition? Is it retailers who sell other houseware products, or is it from other activities and entertainments that compete for people’s time and attention?

BROWN: Both. Our biggest competition is for time in the living room. People are so busy today and there are so many companies in our industry who do parties in home. If you like food or cosmetics and jewelry – which party are you going to do? … The products that are doing well are ones that are unique and you wouldn’t find in other places.

Link to full Providence Business News article

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Announcing a new 35% personal sales bonus level!

Jamie Oliver At Home launches new 35% personal sales bonus level for Team Managers and above.

Greater rewards

 We are pleased to roll out this new phase of our compensation plan as part of our business-wide focus on our field management opportunity. This 35% bonus level is designed to provide greater rewards to our Team Managers and above for their monthly personal sales.

Achievable by all

This first-level management position can be achieved in just one month. In fact all JOAH promotions are scaled to one-month requirements, and all personal commissions, bonuses and team overrides are paid retroactive to the beginning of the promotion month! So even a brand-new Consultant can sign up today, qualify to Team Manager by the end of the month and be paid as a Team Manager in that same month!

So what are you waiting for? Jamie Oliver At Home is waiting to welcome you to our team. The time to join us is NOW! Welcome home.


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Who Are You: The Life Lessons of Sports

Recently, CEO Tim Brown was featured in Who Are You: The Life Lessons of Sports; hosted by Rob Elwood. This podcast is focused on introducing the public to extraordinary people who share stories about the life lessons they have learned off and on the field.

Listen to Tim’s Interview!

sports nutrition

Within this interview Rob and Tim spoke about how nutrition affects our bodies to be able to excel in physical endeavors. The importance of food education is growing and healthy eating and living are essential. Healthy eating starts with food education and constant learning about how it impacts our bodies.

“Things turn out best for those who make the best of the way things turn out.” -John Wooden, UCLA Coach


This quote shared within the podcast holds much truth in the effort for better food for better life.   When we maintain a positive attitude about food and learning about food and how to cook, we absolutely eat better, which contributes to living a better life. So get cooking! Learn a new recipe, teach a child how to cook and shop at local farmers markets, for your freshest produce! This is the most holistic approach to gain positive effects from your food choices.

Visit Who Are You: The Life Lessons of Sports

Listen to Tim’s Interview

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Road Trip: Our Visit to Daniele Meats

20140507_145949Daniele, Inc. is a local RI business that is making some of the finest charcuterie in the world. The Jamie Oliver At Home team had the pleasure of taking a field trip to their facility in Pascoag, RI. This state-of-the-art facility has won New England Meat Plant Processor of the Year for enhancing production, processing, and marketing of sustainable, nutritious, humanely raised, delicious meat. Daniele, Inc. has also won a National Good Foods Award for their Mortadella with Pistachios and the Del Duca Viado’s Riserva Prosciutto. The Dukcevich family brought their delicious salami to America from Northern Italy almost three decades ago and today, families all over the world enjoy their meats.

This family not only crafts artisanal meat products but they also support the local farmers. Daniele Meats is a business that really brings20140507_144217 together those involved in meat production. This is perfectly represented in their local line of charcuterie using pork raised on New England farms. They asked students from the Rhode Island School of Design to create it and asked chefs from Johnson and Wales University in Providence to create recipes. Daniele Meats is a business that recognizes the importance of community, just as Jamie Oliver At Home. They recognize that support from and for the local community is vital for a successful business.

The meat products that they produce are Del Duca® Prosciutto, sopressata, salame, pancetta, mortadella and capocollo. Each meat is made in the USA and curated for different periods of time. The Jamie Oliver At Home team saw the meats curing and learned so much about all the fine details of the curing process and their products are absolutely delicious!

20140507_150807.jpg Jamie Oliver at Home’s visit to Daniele Meats was incredible! Davide Dukcevich, third generation co-owner, guided our tour; he was passionate, and very knowledgeable about the plant, meats and family history.

This local business is really bringing our community together by supporting a great food culture here in Rhode Island. Support their local business and try Daniele’s award wining meats!

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For Us, Every Day Is Food Revolution Day

What is Food Revolution Day?

Food Revolution Day is a day where global action takes place to get kids and families excited about food!  Jamie Oliver initiated this day because he felt it is important for children and families to get enthusiastic about cooking and eating healthy. As Jamie had said “we need every child to understand where food comes from, how to cook it, and how it affects their body. This is about setting kids up with the knowledge they need to make better food choices for life.” With diet-related illness on the rise joining the revolution has never been more important. Food education and teaching children how to cook is essential to living a healthier life. We want everyone to encourage their friends and families to get cooking and share this knowledge and love for food with others!

What are we doing to inspire change?



For us, and our Consultants around the country, EVERY day is Food Revolution Day.  At each Jamie Oliver At Home party, we inspire people to cook, educate on Better Food for a Better Life and collect donations for the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation! Just $1 gives a child a cooking lesson! This is what Jamie Oliver At Home is all about, giving back to the community and promoting better food. It’s time for you to take action!

Today, on Food Revolution Day 2014, Jamie Oliver At Home will be participating in schools and homes.  Our Consultants across the country will be hosting parties in the homes of Hosts and their families and friends will hear about the Food Revolution and show their support by donating to the Food Foundation and getting excited about cooking food with our Jme products. Our team has big plans as well.   Michelle Girasole visited with her son’s 4th grade classroom watching Jamie’s cooking lesson for kids on Food Tube.  Tim and Amelia Brown are hosting a party in the evening, sharing some of Jamie’s great recipes with friends. It’s all about sharing a love of food!  Chat Leonard is presenting “Why We Need a Food Revolution” at a Women’s Expo in Los Angeles, CA this weekend, with several of our local Consultants.  Spreading the love, as Jamie says!


What can you do to get involved?

One way you can get involved is to start cooking! By cooking real food and sharing your knowledge of food with others, you are helping to keep cooking skills alive. Cooking skills are so valuable and we need your help to get people enthusiastic about food! The Food Foundation has put together a bunch of kid friendly recipes, which we encourage you to try! Another way in which you can get involved is spreading the word, you can do this by sharing photos and post of what you are doing to inspire change with the hashtag #FRD2014. We hope you’ll join us tomorrow for Food Revolution Day, and then schedule your Jamie Oliver At Home party soon!


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Announcing our 2014 Jme products!

Catalog Insert Cover

Jamie Oliver At Home is excited to announce several beautiful new products are being added to the Jme Collection!  As we celebrate our first anniversary this month, we reflect on the wonderful customer reactions to our original product line this year.  As promised, we will continue to bring in new Jme products from Jamie’s Jme Collection for you to enjoy.

This season’s highlights include:

  • additions to the Jme Jersey Dining Collection
  • new Vintage Ceramics pieces
  • and new American Oak and Terracotta products.

These items, now available for purchase, expand the original Jme Collection brought into the United States for the first time last May.  We are so excited to continue to bring in products that our customers are asking for and delighting them with brand-new releases.

Photo Gallery